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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Missouri Baptist University for Your Online Program

Posted by Amber Henry on Jan 3, 2018 3:17:16 PM

We offer several online degree programs in a flexible online format with a Christ-centered approach. We are located in St. Louis, Missouri, and we are here to help you find the online degree program that is perfect for you. Still need convincing? Here are 10 more reasons that an online degree from MBU is perfect for you:

10. Highly Ranked

Missouri Baptist University has consistently held a top spot on many college ranking lists. Most recently MBU has earned the following distinctions:

9. Diverse Degree Offerings

With 20 online programs, MBU offers more online degree options for you to choose from. MBU offers nine undergraduate and 11 graduate degree programs, so you can choose the path where you can shine brightest. What’s more, all of the online programs are designed to be transfer-friendly, ensuring that you get credit for courses you have already completed, even if it wasn’t at MBU.

8. Flexible Class Schedules & Supportive Environment

Missouri Baptist University believes that everyone should be able to pursue lifelong learning; this means providing education that fits any lifestyle. With online courses to match any schedule, MBU is a leader not only in administering online education, but also in supporting our students’ success. It doesn’t matter if you are tech savvy or new to online learning, MBU has the resources to help make you successful.

7. Military-Friendly

Missouri Baptist University is a military-friendly university. MBU is honored to help those who have served our country. We emphasize developing and maintaining programs that support students who have served in the military. For example, we participate in the Yellow Ribbon program, which provides tuition and fees to students who qualify for full benefits under the post-9/11 GI Bill.

6. Affordable Tuition Rates

Tuition at Missouri Baptist University is low, and is one of the many reasons MBU was named one of Best Online Colleges in Missouri. There is no difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition for online degree programs, so all of our students are able to get a high quality, affordable education.

5. Generous Financial Aid Packages

MBU truly believes that cost shouldn’t be the reason you don’t pursue higher education. On average, students at MBU pay less than 50 percent of their overall cost of attendance out of their own pockets due to the multitude of financial aid opportunities. Worried there is no financial aid available for you? Don’t be. Our financial aid packages are flexible. Take a look at our financial aid information to find a package that will work for you.

4. Fully Accredited Programs

Fully accredited programs ensure that course offerings are up-to-date and delivering you the best education possible. MBU works hard to maintain accreditation and compliance standards, not just to help you succeed in the classroom, but to help you be more competitive in the workforce.

3. World-Class Faculty

MBU has world-class faculty, who all hold advanced degrees. Many faculty members also work outside of the university, holding high-ranking positions as subject matter experts in their field. This equals experience and connections that they can pass along to you!

2. Curriculum Infused with Ethics

In every program, Missouri Baptist University uses a Christian worldview to apply moral and ethical concepts to traditional learning experiences. As a result, you leave MBU prepared to face common workplace challenges as skilled leaders who build faith up rather than tear it down.

1. Shine On Past Graduation

Missouri Baptist University is designed to set you up for success not just in the virtual classroom, but well beyond. The support at MBU includes linking you with faculty mentors and peer networking. These deep connections extend into professional and personal support to help you shine on past graduation and into your future.

We hope you see now why we say MBU is the best college in Missouri to get your online degree. Visit us online today and find out for yourself.


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