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Pursuing an MBA in the time of COVID

Posted by Missouri Baptist University on Apr 12, 2021 3:04:08 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has given many of us the opportunity to stretch outside of our comfort zones. In a time where face masks and social distancing have become the norm, it is important to look at how our new adaptations can be used as new career strengths. Many have experienced online classes and zoom meetings during this time, creating a new reality for many recruiters: an adapted skill set. A skill set that is based around improved communication and adaptability both face to face and across screens. As graduates emerge from 2020, there is an expectation that candidates will have an ability to adapt and handle evolving business environments. 

Though the pandemic continues to change what it means to belong to the workforce, recruiters continue to have faith in the talent of emerging graduate students. According to recent data gathered by the Graduate Admission Council, recruiters are expecting an increasing demand for MBA and business master’s candidates.

In a time where employment appears to be uncertain, the value of those with higher education is greater than ever. As the economy begins to reshape itself to fit the needs of a socially distanced workforce, there is a need for educated, adaptable employees who show exceptional communication, strategy, and versatility. When asked what they would expect from an applicant with a graduate degree, Fortune 100 recruiters responded with:

  1. A greater ability to analyze problems, define strategies, and communicate with others
  2. Demonstrate high achievement both professionally and academically
  3. Expansive knowledge of business and a focus on delivering results
  4. Exceptional leadership ability 

Here at MBU, we offer various programs that meet each of these recruiter standards. Not only can MBU assist in reaching personal goals, but we can also help further a business career. All of our programs bridge the gap between student and faculty, linking the two arm and arm (metaphorically, of course--social distancing) and creating a partnership. The Master of Business Administration program teaches students how to grow their business skills and build a foundation that will launch them into the future. Along with both online and in person options, students will find themselves in an adaptable program that aligns with these changing times. 

Additionally, our program offers concentrations that can enhance an MBA to fit the needs of any student. Beyond a general MBA degree, there are two tracks available: accountancy and project management. An accountancy concentration is designed for those looking for more preparation and credit hours for the CPA exam. This would be best suited for those pursuing a career as a financial manager, financial advisor, or management analyst.  A Project Management Concentration prepares students for the Professional Project Management (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute. This would be a fitting background for a career as a project analyst, manager, executive, or director of operations. Each of these options are suited well for the business environment and MBU staff would love to assist each student with achieving their goals. 

So why would a Master of Business Administration degree help you? As you can see, there are plenty of recruiters that welcome graduate education with open arms. It all comes down to you as a potential student to decide what it is that you want to achieve in both your educational and professional career. You can learn more about MBU's  Masters of Business Administration degree here.

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